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The Trade Center is a membership business center that provides cost-effective office space for short to medium-term
durations. The Trade Center provides virtual offices, virtual assistants, permanent and shared offices, and rooms for
meetings, events, and other services. The Trade Center also provides copiers, printers, scanners, furniture, coffee,and high-speed internet compatibility.


A virtual office is a cost-effective way to have a professional business address and access to other services that facilitate meetings with clients and partners.

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How can a virtual office help you?

Access to a formal business adress with reception, conference rooms, webinar studio, more.

It will help you grow your business by connecting you with local, national and international clients.

The Global Trade Center will help you increase your credibility by having a formal business address.

Being listed in our Global Trade Chamber Online business directory to promote your business in local and international markets.




$65 USD

/ Month

$150 USD

/ Month

$45 USD

/ Hour

$65 USD

/ Hour

$850 USD

/ Month

The Global Trade Chamber provides dedicated office space to its members. The membership includes: 


$350 USD


What Our members have to say.

I've had a great experience with the Global Trade Chamber over many years and fully support its mission. I've met great people, shared common vision and have always enjoyed the company and leadership of Al Otero.
Scott Jonathan Brook
Attorney and Mayor of Coral Springs Florida
I've became a member with the GTC about 3 years ago. What really amazes me is the attention and caring I've been receiving from its Senior Leadership and their commitment to help me to promote and grow my business! Al Otero & Maria Renee Davila are two great human beings that cultivates relationships rather than just running a business and that makes a big difference to me!
Eva Diaz
CEO & Founder Phoenix Human Capital Solutions
Myself and the CGI, have been a member of the Global Trade Center for many years. Truly it has been a very fulfilling experience. On behalf of the CGI group. Thank you Al and Maria and the many others who have made this journey a wonderful experience.
President CGI Group
We are happy to be a member of the Global Trade Chamber. We are in the event and party supplies business. We constantly get referrals from the chamber. We attend all their networking events.We are also involved in the setup of these events.
Glen James
President DG Events Inc.
My experience with the Global Trade Chamber for over the last 10 years has been second to none. Two amazing individuals, Al Otero and Maria Renee Davila, have the experience to connect many businesses around the world, making the Global Trade Chamber the ultimate networking organization. As a pageant owner, I would have never thought this organization could grow my business. It certainly has 2 to 1. They have put me on the world stage, growing my business to an international entity. Twenty years ago, President Al Otero encouraged me to start Ms. Latina International. Today,we have become Ms. International World, welcoming women from around the world and providing global opportunities. I am forever grateful to the Global Trade Chamber, and encourage anyone who wants to grow their business to become part of this prestigious organization.
Angela Posillico
CEO & Founder at Ms. International World
Running a business requires global knowledge to serve others; Al and Maria know how to do it. Over the years, my experience with the Global Trade Chamber has been phenomenal. I have received great customer service and gotten clients from the various events the Global Trade Chamber has put together. I would recommend it to anyone in business with a global approach to growing!
Dr. Dario Vasquez, DBA
President of DRV Institute of Management
I am an immigration lawyer who serves clients around the globe. The Global Chamber has greatly helped me to expand my contacts. Al Otero and Maria Renee Davila are very well connected and have helped me reach potential clients that otherwise I would not have met. I was featured on the Global Chamber magazine for the month of April, which definitely increased the visibility of my firm. Thanks Global Chamber for helping my firm reach new markets. The use of a virtual office enabled me to have a branch office at a fraction of the cost of a full office
Carlos Sandoval
Immigration Attorney
When I Speak about Global Trade Chamber and 100 Successful Women in Business… what I Love the Most about Al Otero and Maria Renee Davila, is that they had a VISION for the Empowerment, Uplifting and Support of Women & Men Entrepreneurs… for them to NOT Only Survive, but to Thrive in their Businesses; and They’ve Moved Forward with Full Force! You can see through their Actions, Efforts and Contributions to the World, that their Focus is for the Betterment and Success of Others. You can See and Feel their Sincere Hearts and Intentions in ALL They Do, to Help Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses, Overcome Challenges and Partner with Others for Wisdom, Support and Excelling to the Next Level. This is WHY, it was Such an HONOR, to be the Keynote Speaker at their 100 Successful Women in Business Conference in London, UK. My Partnership with them, has been a Tremendously Wondrous Experience! Thank you Al and Maria for having a Vision… Following the Vision… and Changing Lives, All Over The World! God Bless You!🙏🏽
Dr. Mya Smith Edmonds
Multi Location Mcdonald’s Owner Co-Founder of The Smith Foundation, Inc.







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