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We have created a unique virtual membership that allows you to connect and meet people across the US and around the world, promote your business and network with entrepreneurs from many nations and industries online and in person.


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“The Global Trade Chamber is a membership organization that helps businesses explore new opportunities and succeed in constantly changing local, national, and international markets. This is accomplished through comprehensive programs, counseling, and marketing services that facilitate companies’ needs to connect with new clients and develop long-term relationships”

Al Otero​

President Global Trade Chamber.​


Build your network by connecting to new prospects at our national and international events online, and in person, on our social media platforms, on our digital TV shows and virtual magazines, and our organizations platforms.


Promote your business on our multimedia platform that Include digital magazines, online TV Shows, social media platforms, email campaigns, press releases, and events.


Participate in online and live events, seminars, business expos, and conventions to meet new clients, promote your organization, open new markets, and grow your business.


We have many opportunities for you to network one-on-one with other professionals to build long lasting relationships, explore new markets, and find new clients and referral sources for long term success.


Offer and sell your product or service to potential clients around the world on our online marketplace


Learn from our global experts on our multimedia platforms from many industries and nations.


Build your image and be recognized for your accomplishments and impact in the community with our digital magazines, TV shows, and at our award conventions.

Email Marketing

(FREE TRIAL WITH CONSTANT CONTACT) We have many opportunities for you to network one-on-one with other professionals to build long-lasting relationships, explore new markets, and find new clients and referral sources for long-term success.

Monthly Ad in the Global Trade Chamber Digital Magazine.

We publish every month a Global Digital Magazine to educate entrepreneurs with a variety of articles and information to help them in their business. Your membership includes an Ad every month to promote your business. 


It is a document used in international trade transactions to verify that the product listed has met certain criteria to be considered as originating in a particular country. For all our exporters or importers members, we provide this Certificate of Origin at a discounted price.


The Franchise Business Expo is another important partner organization that offers our members FREE admission to all the events in the USA and Canada.

You will be able to join is the Small Business Expo events across the US to network, connect, and open new markets in New cities.


One of the most important parts of doing business with another company is to check and verify if they are real. Your will be able to find important information about any company that is part of the network. Once you join and we verify your company, your company will get the seal as a verified company.

Monthly virtual networking events

The best way to connect with entrepreneurs and build relationships around the world is through our virtual events where you can meet Face-to-Face with verified companies serious about doing business. 



National and International Business Events

The Global Trade Chamber and presented by Chamber Executives from many nations, bringing together buyers and sellers from the US and other countries looking to exchange goods and services. These exclusive industry-specific events are promoted in the US and other nations with the support of The Global Trade Chamber’s partners around the world. The primary goal is to create unique opportunities for companies to meet face-to-face and expand their markets and clientele.

Global Trade Chamber TV

The Global Trade Chamber produces several online TV programs that teach, inform, and keep entrepreneurs updated on news from industries, sectors, and countries important to their trade. All shows are streamed on several global platforms such as Amazon Fire Stick, Roku TV, YouTube, Vimeo, Trovo Live, Twitch TV, Nimo TV, Picarto TV, DLive TV, Kakao TV, Naver TV, Afreeca TV, Tele 2, and more. Programs are also streamed on social media channels like Facebook and any other platform that permits media sharing. The shows are promoted regularly through intensive e-marketing campaigns and on social media platforms able to reach thousands of viewers worldwide.

Women in Business Network

The 100 Successful Women in Business Network is here to connect, educate, inspire, and promote women worldwide. Our unique multimedia platform provides a vehicle for amazing women from all ages and cultures to come together, build relationships, learn from the experts, be recognized, be empowered, share their unique stories, help each other, promote their organizations, and make a positive impact in their communities.



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