For over 13 years the Global Trade Chamber has served small businesses, minority owned businesses and companies coming to the US to start, grow and expand to new markets.

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The objective GTC Global Sister Chamber Network is to develop alliances between chambers in different countries for the benefit of the members. This is accomplished with activities, programs, exchange of information, resources and education to help businesses start, grow and expand to new markets.

Our SErvices

Virtual Solutions

If you are working from home and need a professional business address, and ways to promote your business online we the solutions.

Business Solutions

If you are thinking about starting a business or opening a branch in the US. Trade Center gives you a professional business address and access to conference and seminar rooms, webinar studio at a fraction of the cost of a physical office.


We are a full-service event management organization that provides innovative solutions. We help you create a unique and memorable event designed to maximize your company’s internal and external marketing efforts.

Import/ Export

We have several tools available to help you export or import from other countries that include certificate of origin and the export CEO guide.


Our digital marketing campaigns are designed to give your business constant image and branding to potential clients and referral sources worldwide. To a footprint of over 100,000 connections. Email blasts and social media posts are some of the tools to we use to promote your business. Inquire for more information here


Promote your business on our tv channel includes webinars, interviews and more

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