Global Trade Chamber

Our Purpose

For over 15 years, Global Trade Chamber has been the voice of businesses around the world. Introducing their products and services, promoting their company, building their image and brand, connecting to new local and international clients, learning from the experts, and helping other industries to succeed.

100 Successful Women in Business

The 100 Successful Women in Business Network is a global sisterhood movement that connects, empowers, educates, inspires, and recognizes women worldwide. This is accomplished through comprehensive programs to help women succeed in every area of their lives

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Our services

GTC Magazines

The Global Trade Chamber Magazines is filled with great articles, profiles, and news from leaders in many sectors and nations. They teach, inspire, and motivate you to be the best that you can be in all areas of your life.

GTC tv

We produce several TV programs to teach, inform, and keep you up to date on news from many industries, sectors, and countries.

GTC Business Center

The Trade Center is a membership business center that provides cost-effective office space for short to medium-term durations. The Trade Center provides virtual offices, virtual assistants, permanent and shared offices, and rooms for meetings, events, and other services. 

GTC Membership

We have created a unique Global Membership that allows you to connect and meet people across the US and around the world, promote your business and network with entrepreneurs from many nations and industries online and in person.

GTC Events

The Global Trade Chamber & 100 Successful Women in Business Network is here to connect, educate, inspire, and promote business worldwide. Connect with new clients by joining our events. This is an opportunity for you to network and build relationships with amazing people across the globe.