& Investment Oportunities


start a business in usa

When you open a business, it is important to think about the legal , accounting and marketing aspects. Here are few steps to incorporate a new business in Florida.

grow your business

In order to grow your business you need to analize where you are, where you want to go, and understand the market trends for your industry. The Trade Chamber is commited to helping your business.


We help you explore and penetrate new markets.

virtual offices

We help business maintain a global presence without the overhead oh having a permanent office and staff.

executive office

Include unlimited meeting room, seminar room, internet, mail, receptionist and more.

exploratory trade missions

The Exploratoty Trade Missions Program was created with the objective to support entrepreneurs and companies looking to grow by exploring international opportunities and opening new markets.

business matchmaking

We schedule appointments with qualified leads for your business, with this option you don't need to travel.

global business institute

The Global Business Institute (GBI) in the business training unit educational division of the Global Trade Chamber. The objectives of GBI are to share practical knowledge with others and guide them in the right direction.

event organizers

We help you create a unique and memorable event designed to maximize your company's internal and external marketing efforts.

doing business with the us

If you are looking to purchase products or services from the US, we will help you find the provider for you, get you the best price, schedule a meeting or video conference or plan a trade mission with multiple meetings.


The Showroom gives you the opportunity to highlight your product in the United States.

invest in usa

We have assembled a team of experts in several fields that can assist then is determining and finding the best options to meet the investors' goals.


Your membership with the Global Trade Chamber gives you access to opportunities for business growth through networking, professional development and an entrée to exclusive tools, events, marketing, and bottom-line benefits.