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  • Global Trade Chamber
    10001 W Oakland Park Blvd.
    Suite 302
    Sunrise FL 33351 Tel 954-839-8866

  • FEES:
    The Client shall pay the stated amount of the rent to the Provider mentioned in the
    agreement. The Rental fee shall be payable in advance of the first business day of every month. If there is additional fee that the Provider stated with this agreement, it shall be paid with the monthly rent. The deposit will be set by the Provider that will be paid with the first rent. The Provider will pay the deposit back, unless there is any harm on provided office properties, when ending this agreement.

    You must provide us with a copy of your business license.
    Global Trade Chamber Virtual Office Solution offers you the opportunity to establish a prestigious business presence with the use of a business address for the conduct of your business with receipt and forwarding of your mail and the use of Global Trade Chamber physical address for business cards, stationery, and your company literature.Access to building is only during regular business hours (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday), or if you have made prior arrangements with Global Trade Chamber to access after hours

  • Virtual Office

    Monthly Rates for Business Address Only

  • The CLIENT is required to pay the first month’s charges in advance.


    Global Trade Chamber will act as an agent for the CLIENT in receiving mail

    when such mail is delivered to Global Trade Chamber. In conjunction with this

    service the CLIENT:

    1. Agrees to those conditions as included in this agreement.

    2. Shall show Global Trade Chamber positive proof of identification, in accordance with federal regulations.

    3. Authorizes Global Trade Chamber to sign for any mail that is deliverable only

    upon a signature.

  • Global Trade Chamber is not responsible for mail returned to sender if this agreement is not honored.

    Address to be Used:

    10001 W Oakland Park Blvd.

    Suite 302

    Sunrise FL 33351


    The Client will not store its personal property in the Virtual Office Space. The provider is not responsible for any loss, stolen, or damaged items left in the Virtual Office Space. The Provider shall enable the office requirements to the Client: office phones, tables, chairs, wi-fi connection, private meeting rooms, video conferencing and boardrooms globally, coworking lounges, secretaries and receptionist on demand.


    The Client agrees not to harm the Provider by any claims, or damages unless caused exclusively by the Provider's negligence. The Provider shall not be liable for any damage or injury to the Client that may be caused in the Virtual Office Area.

    Optional Services:

    Conference/Meeting Room – Large and Small / Flexible Office Space

    Global Trade Chamber agrees to provide CLIENT, on a reservation basis only, a

    Conference/Meeting Room at a 10% discount below the public rental rates.

    Conference/Meeting Room can be reserved by visiting

    Administrative Support Services and use of equipment (fax machine and copier)

    on a per usage cost.

    A 30-day written cancellation notice to discontinue service. Either party may

    terminate such agreement by 30-day written notification.

    All payments are due and payable on the 1st day of each month, and will incur a

    $25.00 late fee if not received by the 10th day of the month and the account is in

    default if any invoice is not paid by the 10th of the month. Once in default, the

    service terminates immediately.

    I, the CLIENT have read, understand and agree to the above-described service(s)

    and information herein to start the service effective

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  • Global Trade Chamber

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