Work from home using a professional address for your company!​

It is time to plan and prepare to take your business to new levels and at the same time lower your overhead.
One of the biggest expenses for small businesses is having a physical office. A Virtual Office Plus at the Trade Center in South Florida is an excellent choice for your business in the “new normal”.

How can a virtual office help you?

You can get a professional address with reception, conference rooms, plus the use of our webinar studio, and a listing in our GTC business directory to promote your business.

When prospects and clients want to verify that you are a “real company”, they will usually Google your address, you do not want them to see your home or a Post Office box show up in the search. There is also a question of safety when people have your home address..

Your productivity will increase, stress will drop, and customer interaction becomes a primary focus.

Your business is not working at its full potential.

Your credibility is greatly increased, there is nothing worse that handling everything business related from your home, personal cell phone or a coffee shop.

In some states you cannot use a PO Box address to incorporate a business.

You are losing money right now by not employing a virtual office.

Now you have a total solution to help you increase revenue to new levels.

A new era of doing business is here in the “new normal”.

For over 13 years the Global Trade Chamber has served small businesses, minority owned businesses and companies coming to the US to start, grow and expand to new markets..

How many possibilities are available to improve your revenue and grow your business ?


Business address

Up to one personal name and one company name

Virtual business directory listing

4 hours use of meeting room per month.

Advertising monthly in digital business magazine

A fully functioning office with all these benefits, will cost you at least $2500 per month.

You only pay $150 per month.


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