Start a Business in the United States

Business-USAStarting a business in Florida can be a complicated process. You must follow a series of steps and have adequate counseling to avoid costly mistakes that can get you in trouble. When you open a business it is important to think about the legal, accounting and marketing aspects. And of course to have a business plan that helps you to reduce the risk of failing. Here are the steps to incorporate a new business in Florida:

A name for your new company that will identify the type of business you are in.

Decide the type of company you want to form. File a DBA (fictitious name) to create a sole proprietorship or partnership, Incorporate as a corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company) and others.

We can help you to select the best option based on your needs and vision. Selecting the wrong type of corporation can cost you more money and headaches.

Whatever you choose, you need to register your company and obtain a bank account. You are required to do these steps even if you have an online business or an at home business.

We have all the resources you need to help you research and start a successful company in the US.